Railroad Equipment and Solutions

We are one-stop shop for all railroad construction and maintenance of way needs!


We are known best for our high quality and heavy-duty construction of railroad tools. Whether you need easy to operate equipment or want more affordable options for the track maintenance, we can provide the best solutions possible.
Rail Drilling and Rail Cutting
We offer excellent equipment and tools needed for the rail cutting and drilling. Use these and help yourself to complete the task in a trouble-free manner with improved efficiency.

Rail Track Gauge
Here you will also find a number of track measuring tools designed to make gauge construction easier. Browse through our latest collection of track tools and equipment. Their handy use and easy functionality would make your work easier and quicker.

Wheel Measuring
Looking for wheel measuring tools? Need more efficient and reasonable options? That’s what we offer. Have a look at our collection of tools made for providing accurate wheel profile and diameter measurements.

Geometry Measuring
Our extensive collection also includes geometry measuring gadgets and we provide specially designed equipment for making the whole track construction easier.

Catenary – Online Contact Line Measuring
In addition to all these product categories, we also offer the best possible solutions for Online Contact Line Measuring.

Rail Works

Rail Drilling and Rail Cutting

Track Measuring

Rail Track Gauge, Switch, Geometry Measuring


Online Contact Line Measuring

Wheel Measuring

Wheel Profile and Diameter Measuring